If you want to work abroad while traveling, an important thing is to check with each country you plan to travel to and find out what its rules are for a working holiday or temporary work visa. Every country is different in its requirements, and sometimes those change as often as month to month. But if you want to spend any length of time in any one country and make a decent amount of money, it is best to see what documents need to be in one’s possession.

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However, if you are planning to keep on the move and only stay in each country for a short period of time, you may want to just seek unskilled employment that you can find in each locality as you arrive there. You can ask for recommendations from the locals, hostel employees, backpackers, staff in restaurants and stores. Also be on the lookout for “help wanted” signs and look in the local newspaper for ads. Even if you work only for lodging, food, and a bit of pocket money, it keeps your travel expenses very low and thus well under control so that you can travel for a longer time.

There are various sources online that can help you in making a decision on where to go, what to do, and what the chances are for finding the type of work you are willing to do. You need to decide ahead of time what your skills and anticipations are so that you can be realistic.

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HELP EXCHANGE is one such online listing of host farms, ranches, lodges, inns, and even boats who use volunteer helpers on a short-term basis in exchange for food, lodging, and sometimes extra benefits such as being able to have days off to go horse and bike riding, kayaking, sightseeing, and more.

Regular membership sign-in is free, and a premier membership for only 15 euros for two years gives many additional benefits. Once a person finds a host and work and living schedule that is appealing, he or she can contact the host directly and make arrangements that are agreeable to both parties.

Giving the host a list of skills such as experience with farming, agriculture, fruit picking, trades, boat crewing, landscaping, carpentry, building, working with horses, cleaning, babysitting, or whatever the specific skills are, make it more likely that a host will be interested. The hosts look at the helper lists to find workers as well as waiting to be contacted.

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If you have a particular skill such as playing an instrument, painting, sculpting, making jewelry or other items, you can do these right on the streets, especially in larger tourist areas, to make money for your living expenses.

If you have a particular project that you are trying to accomplish such as cycling or backpacking through certain countries, or having a particular goal in mind, or partially working for a charitable project, you can put up signs on the streets and explain to people what you are trying to accomplish and see if they will help fund your efforts.