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Coach Travel: A Choice between Cost and Comfort?


If you have ever travelled by coach, perhaps on an inter-city journey or when you were at school you may have strong memories of slightly threadbare seats with dodgy springs and nowhere to put your legs. Coach travel was not a luxurious experience by any means, but most people (and schools) used them because they…

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Why You Should Visit the Country of Myths and Magic


Anyone who visits Ireland will become fascinated by the history and the legends that dominate this country. The past and the present walk together hand in hand. Tales of Giants Northern Ireland is said to be where the giant Finn McCool lived. McCool was bitterly jealous of his Scottish counterpart, Benandonner and as a result…

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Discover the delights of Dalyan on a walking break


What do you think of when someone mentions Turkey? Is it ancient ruins, bustling beach resorts and vibrant cities – or do you take a minute to realise they mean the country, not an important component of a Christmas dinner? Either way, you probably haven’t considered the wonderful opportunities for wildlife spotting in the nation…

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Family Holidays For This Summer


No matter how busy you might be normally, a holiday is a chance for the entire family to forget about work, school and obligations. For a few days or weeks each year, you can all spend time together, have fun and try new activities. To make great memories that you won’t soon forget, think outside…

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Adventure Holidays in Egypt


Although some travelers come to Egypt just for a chance to lounge on the stunning beaches and relax with a cocktail by the pool, there is lot more to this North African destination than just warm weather. In fact, the country boasts countless opportunities to try thrilling new activities on land and in the sea.…

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Visiting Berlin


While in Berlin, the one thing you don’t want to worry about is where to stay. You want your trip to be memorable with the kind of memories you look fondly on. Whether you’re looking for the best hotels Berlin has to offer or a decent place to lay your head, there are plenty of…

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